The University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ has been providing continuing education and development services for both organisations and individuals in Finland and abroad for decades. We have an extensive, evidence-based track record in providing sustainable and scalable education solutions, from reform projects to short trainings for governments, institutions, and individuals.

Services We Offer

We operate in four main fields: Education and Learning, Health and Wellbeing, Leadership and Coaching, and Communications. Globally, we offer services particularly for the educational sector:

Optimising Education Systems

Consultation on School Development

  • Quality Assurance System
  • Learning Environments
  • Curriculum Development
  • Professional Development

Professional Cmpetence Development

Online Services

Eduvisits (part of our UniVisit concept)

Our education services cover early education, basic education, higher education, and lifelong learning.

Company Unique Selling Points

  • 100% owned by the internationally esteemed University of Helsinki
  • Academic expertise from the University of Helsinki, the oldest (est. 1640), largest, and highest-ranked higher education institution in Finland
  • The academic approach and specialists of the internationally esteemed and highly ranked Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • Global reach and state-of-the-art answer to educational challenges
  • Long term and sustainable solutions with a collaborative approach

Target Market

We operate globally by designing solutions for governments, international organisations, companies, universities, school districts, and schools, among others.

International Presence

Currently we have a presence in Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa. We are offering academic expertise for educational reform projects in Ukraine and Pakistan, and we are leading a technical assistance project for an education reform in Sri Lanka. In 2019, we hosted a substantial professional capacity building programme for Korean teachers in Helsinki, Finland. We also welcome a large number of educational visitors from all over the world annually.

The University of Helsinki HY+ has a keen interest in enlarging its operations in the GCC area. We have been collaborating with the Sharjah Education Academy for the past two years in different education sector development programmes. Jointly with a Finnish consortium, we designed and executed a six-month professional development programme for principals and teachers from KSA in 2017. The programme was part of the Khebrat programme launched by the Ministry of Education of KSA.

A Brief History of HY+

HY+ was established as a commercial arm for the University of Helsinki, to provide continuing education and development services for both organisations and individuals in Finland and abroad. Our global educational services promote the Finnish education expertise.

HY+ has a steady growth globally. We have an evidence-based track record in creating individually designed training programmes, and managing various development programmes to enhance the capabilities and competences of our partnering organisations.

Mission, vision and values


The purpose of our organisation is to improve the world of the future and promote individual wellbeing by enhancing learning, knowledge-sharing, and development. We encourage life-long learning globally.


We believe in collaboration and empowerment, and aim to enhance the expertise of our collaboration partners.


  • Sustainability
  • Collaboration
  • High-quality, high-impact
  • Trust


Key Statistics

The University of Helsinki:

  • Established in 1640
  • Ranked among the top 1% of the world’s research universities
  • 82nd in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking)
  • Edu­ca­tional Sciences 22nd in the QS World Uni­versity rank­ing and 38th in the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking by sub­ject
  • 11 faculties and 4 campuses in the Helsinki area
  • 31,600 students
  • 8,120 employees
  • Over 180,000 alumni worldwide

 Important Company Milestones

  • HY+ was originally founded as the University of Helsinki’s further education unit in 1979 (non-commercial)
  • Corporatised on the 1st of June 2016, as a company fully owned by the University of Helsinki
  • In 2017, HY+ was one of the main organisers of the first large international teacher training programme in Finland (117 Saudi teachers in total)
  • First two large education reform projects started in 2018
  • Launching of the first teacher training online programmes in 2019
  • Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic with new ways of organising educational services online and worldwide in 2020
  • In 2021, the Asian Development Bank Selected an international consortium led by HY+ to provide the technical assistance for Sri Lanka’s Secondary Education Sector Improvement Programme

Noteworthy achievements, projects and partnerships

Technical Assistance for a Secondary Education Sector Improvement Programme

Sri Lanka, 2021 (ongoing)

Sri Lanka is carrying out an ambitious education reform, which aims at enhanced human resource development and globally competitive knowledge-centered economy. The Secondary Education Sector Improvement Programme is financed by the Asian Development Bank. The Technical Assistance is provided by an international consortium, which is led by HY+. The technical assistance project supports curriculum development of STEM and Commerce subjects, pedagogy, educational leadership, and assessment and university entrance. The international consortium, which was selected by the ADB and is led by the University of Helsinki HY+, includes the University of Turku from Finland, Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation (KICE), and Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI).

Ensuring Learning During Exceptional Times – School Leadership and Teaching in Hybrid Model

Online, 2021

In May 2021, HY+ and the Educational Development Center (EDC) in the College of Education at Kuwait University organised an online training programme in preparation for the reopening of schools in Kuwait. Over 600 university faculty members, principals, and teachers from public sector schools participated in the programme. The training comprised of ten modules, sharing the Finnish experience and providing knowledge and tools for facing similar challenges in Kuwait’s context. The versatility of the participants created a challenge in designing and delivering a training programme that would cater to the very different needs within the group, but with a careful balance between theory and practice, the training received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants, as 90% of them found the content relevant to their work.

A series of online training programmes with the Sharjah Education Academy and the Sharjah Private Education Authority

Online, 2020–2021

In March 2020, HY+ partnered with the Sharjah Private Education Authority to organise an online training programme for private school leaders from the Emirate of Sharjah in the UAE. Over 200 educators participated in the programme, learning how to design pedagogical processes supportive of effective schooling online. In January 2021, HY+ organised an online training programme on educational leadership for 250 school leaders from the Emirate of Sharjah in collaboration with the Sharjah Education Academy (SEA). The training covered a range of topics including broad-based pedagogical leadership in the work community and leadership from a distance during the pandemic. HY+ and SEA organised also an online training programme on inquiry-based learning for over 400 early educators from the Emirate of Sharjah. The two-day training programme included an in-depth introduction to inquiry-based learning, how to set your learning targets correctly, and how to assess learning.

Empowered Educators in South Korea

Helsinki, Finland 2019

In response to the wish of the Jeollanamdo Office of Education to provide a carefully selected group of teachers with the opportunity to enact change in their respective educational institutions in South Korea, HY+ organised a four-month intensive training programme for a group of participants. This programme combined theory and practice in four components: English language training, pedagogical training, immersive activities in the University of Helsinki’s distinguished teacher training school and others within Finland’s educational ecosystem, and a supervised Final Project. This programme aimed to empower and enable individuals to make necessary improvements in their own schools, within a broader mission to instigate nation-wide progress and sustainable development in South Korea’s educational system.

Education Reform and Professional Development Programme for a Teacher Training Institute

Pakistan 2018 (ongoing)

Through a multi-year partnership with Durbeen, a Pakistan-based non-profit education company, the University of Helsinki will share its educational resources to support the process of education reform in the public sector of the country. This programme focuses on developing and enhancing the new National Curriculum for a Bachelor’s degree of Education on a local level in the Province of Karachi. Incorporated in-service training will address the mind shift required to modernise the training and subsequently develop the capacity of the faculty of a state-owned teacher education college. The graduates of this college will later be placed in public schools, trained and qualified to raise the quality of education being offered to Pakistani students.

Finland’s Support for Ukrainian School Reform – Cross Cutting Education for All

Ukraine 2018 (ongoing)

The project of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine aims to modernise the Ukrainian education system and to improve teaching and learning methods for the 21st century requirements in accordance with the Vision for the New Ukrainian School. The expected impact will be the improved quality of education and citizens’ more positive perception of Ukrainian education. The intervention is divided into three clusters:  1) Teacher preparation and competence development 2) Education promotion 3) Development of education environment. The project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Building Leadership for Change through School Immersion

Helsinki, Finland 2017

During a six-month professional development programme, 56 Saudi teachers improved their English language skills, participated in cutting-edge pedagogical training, took part in a three-month supervised observation course in carefully-selected Finnish schools, and practiced 21st century education skills. The aim of the programme was to coach participants to become change agents in their home schools in KSA with the help of teacher training and customised tools from the Finnish educational system. The programme was delivered in Helsinki, Finland, and it was funded by the Ministry of Education of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care

Helsinki, Finland 2017

The Master Class in Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) involved a group of six education administrators from Hong Kong, who took part in an intensive five-day course in Helsinki. The course included keynote lectures and workshops on Finnish ECEC, the new national core curriculum and its local implementations, and the related quality assurance system. Participants saw theory implemented in practice during site visits to the Playful Learning Centre as well as local kindergartens. The administrators also received more detailed insights into themes such as inclusive and child-centred education, learning environments, the use of ICT and benchmarking best practices. The aim of the Master Class was to offer participants an understanding of Finnish ECEC and to inspire new ideas for implementation in their local education system.

Leadership Development Programme

Beijing, China 2017

The Leadership Development Programme aimed to help 40 Chinese principals answer today’s need for dynamic and competent leadership in the field of education. Constantly evolving proficiency in school leadership is the key to a successful educational system. The 10-day programme was delivered by trainers from the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Helsinki. The customised course focused on research-based training on curriculum leadership and Finnish phenomenon-based learning. The aim of the programme was to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills in education leadership. It offered new ideas and tools to assist in developing leadership expertise in the participants’ local context. The programme utilised academic theory and supervised interactive methods.

Faculty Development: University Teaching and Learning

Helsinki, Finland 2016

A custom-designed Master Class in University Pedagogy provided the participants from a Federal University in Russia with a broad overview of carefully-selected aspects of university teaching and learning. Faculty experts from the University of Helsinki delivered training on topics such as leadership in teaching, curriculum design, interactive teaching methods, project-based learning and evaluation of students’ learning experiences. The teaching approach included lectures, workshops, active participation and knowledge sharing.

Current International Clients

Some of our current and recent international clients:

  • Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) and Sharjah Education Academy (SEA)
  • Educational Development Center (EDC) in the College of Education at Kuwait University
  • Ministry of Education and the Office of Basic Education Commission in Thailand
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • Durbeen (NGO) in Karachi, Pakistan (


What is the secret behind the success of Finland’s education system?

It is no coincidence that the success story of the Finnish education system is by now globally recognised. Since gaining its independence in 1917, Finland as a nation has made a purposeful investment in education.

On an international scale, Finnish education has a long tradition of creating excellent results in learning. Qualified principals and teachers with strong pedagogical skills and up-to-date teaching methodology can effectively support the children’s academic development and their cognitive and creative skills.

What is Finnish teacher education like?

Teachers in Finland are highly educated: you have to have a master’s degree to work as a teacher. Teacher education at university must also be research-based. In Finland, teaching is a respected profession, and it is quite competitive to become a teacher.

The University of Helsinki educates teachers, who have an inquisitive, research-based mindset, so that they learn to develop their own teacherhood and practical theories. This is how the teachers-to-be learn to make sound and justified decisions on what kind of material and teaching methods to use in different teaching environments.

Can some elements of the Finnish education system be localised in my country?

There are many Finnish teaching methods and approaches to teaching, which can be utilised in different school systems around the world. HY+ helps to enhance the performance of education systems and assists organisations in finding the best working solutions to their challenges based on Finnish methods. We help to transfer the eco-system of the Finnish school into your local context.

Participating in our Eduvisit programme is also an excellent way to get a practical insight into the Finnish education system. During the visit, you will learn about the Finnish education system framework, and will have the opportunity to observe how educational theory works in practice in Finnish classrooms. You will get concrete ideas to develop a school with happy and engaged students, and get tips on how to use Finnish innovative practices in your own context.

How does HY+ design its programmes?

We design our programmes based on the Finnish education expertise with the knowledge and know-how of the academic experts of the University of Helsinki. Our academic experts have an impressive track record of international development projects in the educational sector.

Our development and consultancy services emphasise collaboration and customer empowerment based on customised programmes. We offer expertise to evaluate the current performance of your education system and design the development programme based on your needs.

What is the University of Helsinki’s global ranking?

The University of Helsinki belongs to the exclusive club of top 1% research universities in the world. International rankings consistently place the University of Helsinki amongst the 30 best universities in Europe and within the top 100 universities in the world.

In 2021, the University of Helsinki was ranked 82nd in the Shanghai Ranking, 101st in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, 104th in the QS World University Ranking, and 97th in the Taiwan Ranking.



HY+ offers continuing education and development services for both organisations and individuals in Finland and abroad. We help to enhance the performance of education systems and assist organisations in finding the best working solutions to their challenges.

We develop professional competences through Professional Development Programmes, Master Classes, and Intensive Training Programmes, which seek to build and support change in the knowledge, skills, and behaviour of professionals in diverse fields. Our unique UniVisit concept provides you with an insight into the Finnish education system and expertise.

Links to Videos of Our Services



The University of Helsinki is an inseparable part of Finnish society, and is the oldest, largest, and highest-ranked higher education institution in Finland. HY+ comes to the Expo 2020 to showcase Finnish educational expertise, especially from the internationally esteemed University of Helsinki and its Faculty of Educational Sciences. We want to offer opportunities for education professionals from all over the world to learn from the best education system and with the best education experts from Finland.

Key industries and Target Customers

HY+ is participating in the Expo 2020 as a part of the Education Finland cluster, but we offer services also from other fields of the multidisciplinary University of Helsinki. Our four main fields are:

  • Education and Learning
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Leadership and Coaching
  • Communications

Our target customers are educational professionals in governments, international organisations, associations, companies, universities, school districts, and schools, among others.

Industry and Market Evaluation

Our Global Services are a state-of-the-art answer to educational challenges. We design solutions for organisations that are keen on developing their functions, especially through education. We operate both in Finland and globally.


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