Education professionals must maintain their competencies, even in the most developed education systems in the world. Our professional competence development includes leadership development, capacity building and professionals’ in-service training, which aim at supporting professional growth and understanding of change on a personal and organisational level.

We offer competence development for groups of teachers and other education professionals in school districts and schools, and we can organise both intense and long-term training programmes localised for clients’ needs. Our programmes include the latest and cutting-edge pedagogical research and practices from the University of Helsinki; the oldest, largest, and highest-ranked higher education institution in Finland, and the internationally esteemed Faculty of Educational Sciences.

Example Topics:

  • Educational leadership and school culture development
  • Teacher education (early childhood, K-12, tertiary education)
  • Teaching methods: student engagement, high-impact learning, blended learning, teaching STEM subjects
  • Evaluation and assessment​​
  • Curriculum implementation
  • Future skills​
  • Phenomenal learning

Professional Development Programmes

Professional Development Programmes build and support participants’ knowledge and skills enhancement. The elements and subjects of the programme are tailored to meet the needs of the customer. The duration of the programme varies from three months to a full academic year.

Master Classes

Master Classes enhance participants’ skills and competences in a selected professional subject area, such as teaching and learning or educational leadership. They offer participants a unique opportunity to deepen their competence under the guidance of distinguished experts. The duration of the Master Class varies from one to three weeks.

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HY+ is a fully-owned company of the University of Helsinki. We provide continuing education and development services both in Finland and abroad.

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