We will transfer the eco-system of the Finnish school to your local context. On an international scale, Finnish education has a long tradition of creating excellent results in learning. Qualified principals and teachers with strong pedagogical skills and up-to-date teaching methodology can effectively support the children’s academic development and support their cognitive and creative skills. With this knowledge we help you to build a Finnish-inspired school where all children can thrive.


There are five key elements to this concept, which are easily scalable and customised.

1. Planning and Infrastructure

Supporting building and infrastructure design to pedagogical concept planning

  • Pedagogical knowledge to planning and design

2. Curriculum Enrichment

Finnish pedagogical expertise to the local curriculum

  • Course sequences and descriptions
  • Objectives and core competencies
  • Finnish teaching and learning approaches
  • Assessment procedures
  • References and suggestions for teaching materials

3. Principal and Teacher Training

Staff development from the recruitment process to continuous professional capacity building

  • Finnish education provision and best practices
  • School management
  • Latest pedagogical methods
  • Training the trainers to enhance scalability

4. Quality Assurance System

Localised and targeted quality assurance system

  • Designing quality assurance system with the local partner
  • Auditing processes and methodology
  • School board
  • Academic advisor

5. Stamp of Excellence

The audited school is granted a Stamp of Excellence by the University of Helsinki Teacher Training School.

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HY+ is a fully-owned company of the University of Helsinki. We provide continuing education and development services both in Finland and abroad.

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