Star Lessons is a Finnish online programme for teachers. Teachers will learn the theory in small concrete parts, and it can easily be applied in teaching practices. They can immediately take the ideas into their own classrooms and create pedagogically meaningful learning opportunities for their students and promote the students’ capacity to learn. The programme has a strong emphasis on self-reflection.

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“It was so easy to study the lessons because the instructions are so clear! I have worked a very long time as an educator, and I wish I had had these ideas and tools already a long time ago when planning my teaching.”

‒ Ms. Birgitta Romppanen, Educator, Sipoo, Finland


“Star Lessons online courses are a great way to learn new pedagogical practices. The courses are designed as microlearning lessons which include short animated videos, podcasts and assignments. All text materials are downloadable. The content is demonstrated with clear symbols and illustrations. Good questions and assignments guide the user to try new methods and pedagogical elements and implement them. The lessons are divided into small sessions, it is easy to plan own studying path. The content offers a lot of ideas about new pedagogies and helps in trying out these activating methods in teaching situations.”

‒ Ms. Leena Vainio, Educator/Learning Designer, Helsinki, Finland


“I have been going through the Star Lessons and have found them extremely helpful in a teacher’s work. I particularly appreciate the clarity of each module: it is always easy to go back to the starting page, and following each lesson is effortless. You can also keep track of your progress the whole time – this will definitely add to the motivation of the learner.

As a teacher, I find it absolutely necessary to pause every once in a while and observe one’s methods and approaches to teaching. At times it feels one is in the middle of an ocean, with no clear landmarks in sight. By dividing the tasks into manageable units always helps. The lessons helped me to see the wood from the trees, to clarify my own approach to the student, to share the goals.

I wish every teacher/learner could benefit from the pedagogical Star Lessons, particularly in the beginning of their career – or when giving the first instructions to a new course. The lessons would also be useful when going back to school after the long summer holiday: I think most of us teachers are familiar with that feeling of being slightly lost, however many years of teaching we have behind us…”

‒ Ms. Kaarina Ojasti, Upper secondary school biology teacher, Tampere, Finland


The programme is a self-study package with a practical online implementation. Each lesson contains self-assessment and reflection and is well instructed for self-study. During the programme you will progress from the basics to a more complex content.

You will study by:

  • Watching videos
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Taking notes
  • Reading texts
  • Reflecting on your own teaching



The lessons are organized into four levels. Each level is divided into 4 modules and each module contains three 45-minute lessons. Altogether there are 48 lesson. The teacher will progress module by module in order to develop learner-centered teaching practices which can promote students’ capacity to learn.


Star lessons is a collection of self-study online lessons for teachers for their professional development on all levels. The general pedagogical theory is applicable to all subjects.


The main objective of the programme is to share Finnish education solutions and enhance the skills and knowledge of the teachers in modern pedagogies, pedagogical models and practices, 21st century skills and digital learning.


Teachers learn to design pedagogically meaningful and engaging learning assignments and working instructions. They learn to create a user/learner experience through activities and learning design, and they can take the theory immediately into practice. The programme will help teachers become learning designers of the future by utilizing Finnish methods.

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