Welcome to learn more about the miracle of the Finnish Education system!

As the leading university in Finland, University of Helsinki has played an instrumental part in building the Finnish success in international rankings, such as PISA tests.

Our unique UniVisit concepts provide you with an insight into the Finnish education system and expertise. We help you to connect with the University of Helsinki’s top professionals, scientists, and researchers. We will not only share our expertise with you, but also ensure that theory will be put into practise through utilising co-creation methods, workshops, and reflection. We can also connect you with Finnish schools, companies, and government organisations.

We are always delighted to co-create a customised programme based on your group’s individual needs. The University of Helsinki’s eleven faculties offer expertise for the customised programmes in the following fields: Educational Sciences, Law, Medicine, Science, Arts, Theology, Social Sciences and Swedish School of Social Science, Biology and Environmental Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy and Agriculture and Forestry.

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Would you like to learn directly from experts in teacher education? Are you interested in learning about the Finnish education system from local professionals, and seeing educational theory at work in the classroom? Are you looking for a tailor-made programme to cater to your group’s specific needs? Visit us in Helsinki, Finland.

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Forest Visit

Did you know that forests cover over 70 % of Finland’s surface area making Finland the most forested country in Europe? Or did you know that in Finland everyone is allowed to enjoy the outdoors freely under the legal concept known as everyman’s right? Would you like to learn how Finland has developed into today’s forerunner in modern forest-based bioeconomy? Come to Finland to explore the high-level expertise in forest governance, industries and education and to meet the best Finnish forestry professionals!

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Admission Visit

Are you interested in highly ranked, research-based and multidisciplinary Master’s programmes at the University of Helsinki? Would you like to know more about study opportunities and student life here?

Come and learn in an inspiring learning environment. We have first-class study facilities on our four campuses and provide excellent library and information services. There are modern libraries, the latest being the award-winning city center campus library. Experience our new learning space innovation Think Corner, a co-creative meeting space of science for students, researchers, entrepreneurs and the citizens of Helsinki. And on top of that you have a chance to meet our helpful admission advisors.

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Urban Visit

Are you interested in urban sustainability? Do you need information about new practices and ideas concerning urban mobility, circular economy and air quality? Or perhaps you are interested in open data and inclusive housing policy? Helsinki metropolitan area has a lot to offer! Come and see the capital of Finland and its neighbouring cities and their interesting and innovative examples on sustainable urban solutions.

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