STEM Education for Early Childhood and Primary Teachers is an innovative online learning solution for early education teachers. With our practical approach, you will learn in small bits, and you will learn the method and the content at the same time.

The course is ready for on-going enrollment. For information on licensing options for organisations, please contact us.


The programme targets early childhood educators and teachers-in-training. Besides the content, you will learn the method of inquiry-based learning, which you can apply in other areas as well. You will gain confidence in teaching science for young learners. The main objective of the programme is to build capable and confident educators who can implement science education in early childhood learning.


The programme includes visual content, videos, podcasts, worksheets and written materials. It consists of 60 lessons, and one lesson is 45 minutes in length amounting to five (5) ECTS credits. This is a purely self-study course, and participants are awarded with an electronic University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ certificate at its completion.


  1. Early childhood learning and inquiry-based approaches to teaching science
  2. Knowledge construction: individual learning paths and link to practice
  3. Tools for supporting participation and motivation
  4. Theory and practice of multidisciplinary learning modules: the role of sharing, discussing and evaluating learning outcomes


  • Activate your prior knowledge and be inspired to learn more
  • Engage in multimedia content in small bits
  • Design your own experiments
  • Assess your own progress and results



“I have worked in China for five years as a Montessori teacher. I became interested in STEM education when my school in Xiamen started to teach English language through STEM-lessons to their kindergarten students.

This online course from HY+ explains in detail how to implement STEM education in teaching children of kindergarten age. You will learn the characteristics of inquiry based and phenomenon based education. This online course will develop your understanding on how to activate your own teaching methods in the 21st century, in order to support students’ critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication in their own learning processes. The processes of creating child-centered learning environments happens while learning to make lesson plans for different areas of STEM education.

I highly recommend the STEM Education for Early Childhood and Primary Teachers programme for all teachers and those interested in learning new teaching strategies.”

– Kirsi Poutiainen, MA, Montessori Teacher


”The children are excited as are the parents. The article [included in the programme] was interesting to read, and in my 10 years at our kindergarten, I have seen as each year goes that the majority of children gravitate to activities that are more scientifically and hands-on based.

At the moment, the only struggle is not to do everything at once! In our group we have a strong leaning towards our sensory corner and science corners which involve a lot of experimentation with different mediums. I just need to take the time during my planning hours to figure out how to organize the physical environment.”

– Kari Ann Linna, Teacher, Albatross Daycare, Espoo, Finland


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