Practical Insight into the Finnish Phenomenon in Education

The visit will take place at a later date to be announced​.

The open Eduvisit programme contains opportunities to meet with Finnish education experts, authorities, and local schools. You will learn about the Finnish Education framework and have an opportunity to observe how the educational theory works in practice in Finnish classrooms within the Helsinki metropolitan area. The aim of the Eduvisit is to explore the Finnish educational system, teacher education system, and evaluation of education. You will also learn about Finnish educational philosophy and methodological practices in the education of primary and lower and upper secondary schools as well as in early childhood education.

The programme is targeted for everyone interested in learning about the Finnish educational system. It is recommended especially for:

    • Teachers
    • Principals
    • Administrators
    • Students

The content will be carried out in lectures, discussions, and school visits. The visits will be escorted by a staff member of University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ Ltd. Read more about the Eduvisit concept here.

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