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STEM Education for Early Childhood and Primary Teachers is an innovative online learning solution offered by the University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ for early education teachers. With our practical approach, you will learn what inquiry-based learning is and how to utilise it in teaching STEM subjects.

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The programme targets early childhood educators and primary teachers. You will learn the method of inquiry-based learning, which you can extend to all the activities in your school.

Through inquiry-based learning you will be able to teach complex STEM subjects even for very young learners. In order to complete this programme, you don’t have to have prior content knowledge of STEM subjects.

The main objective of the programme is to build capable and confident educators who can implement science education in early childhood learning.

Benefits for Teachers:

  • Adapt inquiry-based learning
  • Learn child-centered pedagogy in practice
  • Master principals of STEM education
  • Learn to use phenomenon-based learning
  • Create lesson plans
  • Apply new teaching methods
  • Learn various assessment methods
  • Design your own scientific experiences
  • Teach and assess in an age-appropriate way, even in mix-aged classrooms

Benefits for the School:

  • Holistic change in school culture
  • Active promotion of peer-to-peer support and motivation for teachers and leadership
  • Happier, playful children eager to learn
  • Children become 21st century citizens and critical thinkers
  • Better involvement from parents
  • Teachers get instructions for experiments that can be carried out with affordable materials

This is a purely self-study course, and participants are awarded with an electronic University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ certificate at its completion.


The programme consists of 60 lessons, and one lesson is 45 minutes in length. The programme includes:

  • visual content
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • worksheets
  • written materials
  • Templates for lesson plans

Video clip as an example of the course material: PhD. Jenni Vartiainen talks about inquiry-based learning.


  1. Early childhood learning and inquiry-based approaches to teaching science
  2. Knowledge construction: individual learning paths and link to practice
  3. Tools for supporting participation and motivation
  4. Theory and practice of multidisciplinary learning modules: the role of sharing, discussing and evaluating learning outcomes

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You can complete the programme while practicing as a full-time teacher, as the course utilises microlearning (small learning units and short-term learning activities). You will study a short amount of theory in each section, and the programme will guide you to implement it in practice in your classroom.

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