Finland is one of the safest countries in the world with excellent and internationally high-ranking education for children. Our Unicamps offer children and young people innovative educational activities in dedicated science, sport and language centres, surrounded by Finnish nature. All camps are tailored to the needs and wishes of each group and can take place both in summer and in winter.


University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+, with its partners, offer Science, Adventure and Language summer and winter camps for children aged 8–18. The educational activities support the development of 21st century skills and utilise innovative Finnish pedagogical approaches and methods. English is used as the language of instruction and support.


HY+, the Science Education Centre of the University of Helsinki, and the Finnish interactive science centre Heureka offer summer and winter camps for children and teens interested in science and technology. The themes are drawn from current topics such as climate change, eco-friendly foods, clean environment, and sustainable future.

Finnish child-centred and innovative teaching approaches facilitate the learning process in a fun and interactive way. Through phenomenon-based learning, water turns into molecules, travels from rivers to seas and through human body. Using 21st century skills, campers are introduced to biological plastic, discuss food sustainability, create their own apps or learn coding.

English-speaking camp counsellors are experienced trainee teachers from the University of Helsinki.


HY+ and Vierumäki sport and leisure centre are partnering up to offer camps throughout the year for active, adventurous and playful children.

Finland’s largest and most versatile sport and leisure centre Vierumäki hosts over 100 different sports activities. It is surrounded by clean Finnish nature with vast forest, rolling terrain and lakes.

Finland’s four seasons allow for a variety of activities such as swimming, horse riding, and dogsledding safaris, hiking in nature trails, mountain biking, indoor games, and campfires in the midnight sun. In addition to adventure and nature activities, educational elements, such as healthy living and diet, can be incorporated into the programme.

We also welcome parents. A special parent package is available, allowing the parents to be with their children while also having an opportunity to enjoy their own experiences in Finland, such as the Nordic spa treatments in Vierumäki or the sights in Helsinki, only a short distance away.


HY+ and its language education co-operators offer a chance for children and teenagers to learn a variety of languages in intensive training camps.

In today’s world languages are a vital life skill. Finnish language teaching methods and approaches have been proven successful: modern languages are spoken better in Finland than in most other European countries.

In addition to English, camps can be tailored around other languages such as Russian, Spanish, French or German. For instance, Finland’s history as the former grand duchy of the Russian empire offers a unique understanding of not only the Russian language but also the nuances of the culture and customs.

The content of the camps can range from more academic classroom-based instruction to activity-based camps. Both offer full language immersion. The instructors are carefully selected to meet the skills and age of the campers. Cultural experts are brought in for special cultural activities.

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The Finnish interactive science centre Heureka invites everyone to experience the joy of discovery! Visitors learn by doing and experimenting with science and technology. In addition to periodically changing interactive exhibitions, Heureka has its own 3D planetarium which is one of the most modern and largest digital planetariums in Europe.

The Science Education Centre of the University of Helsinki is part of the umbrella organisation of the LUMA network of Finnish Universities and collaborates with numerous national and international organisations. The centre has 15 years of experience in offering non-formal multidisciplinary science education for children and young people.

Vierumäki is a versatile sports and leisure centre which hosts the Finnish Sports Institute, an official training and education centre of the Olympic Committee of Finland. Vierumäki grounds offer more than 100 different sporting and leisure activities for individuals, groups and families.

AuroraXplorer is a new generation travel destination management company offering unique, authentic and valuable educational experiences. AuroraXplorer focuses on bridging cultures and offering guests once-in-a-lifetime experiences. They also make sure that children have safe and peaceful accommodation and transportation (airport and local).


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