Through this online programme, participants will learn the most modern educational practices currently being used by Finnish teacher trainers. Following the programme, teachers will be able to maximise the number of interested and motivated students, who are truly engaged in learning.

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The online programme consists of several learning methods, including:

  • Mini-lectures by professor Kirsti Lonka with specific learning objectives
  • Collaborative online participation among teachers
  • Personal reflection and learning diary entries
  • Designing new teaching practices and applying them with students in real life
  • Webinars, workshops, online tutoring, and training the local trainers (available at an additional cost)


The programme is designed for teachers and principals at all educational stages. The participant group can be e.g. teachers and principals from a single school or selected teachers from a certain geographical or subject matter area. The elements of the programme can be tailored to meet the needs of the customer.

The duration of the course is about 10−12 weeks, if teachers complete at least one learning module each week. The course can be composed of independent online studying or can include tutoring and webinars, as well as the assessment of participants’ learning diaries and assignments.


  • How to engage your students in effective and meaningful learning
  • How to promote students’ interest and motivation as well as both emotional and cognitive development by using student-centered and collaborative learning methods
  • Understanding the role of emotion and motivation in learning
  • How to activate and motivate your students even during mass lectures by using technologies that promote high impact learning
  • Understanding the concept of flow and how to foster it in your students
  • How to foster student-engaging learning by assessment


  • Engaging teachers directly in designing new teaching practices and applying them in ways that support students’ learning and motivation
  • Improving teaching practices in your school
  • Creating ways for teachers to share their ideas and seek peer-support for the challenges they confront


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