Phenomenal Learning Programme focuses on teachers’ professional development. Participants will learn ideas behind modern evidence-based teaching methods and how to imple­ment them in daily teaching. The programme includes four online courses, which are presented below.

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Through this course, participants will learn the most modern educational practices currently being used by Finnish teacher trainers. Following the programme, teachers will be able to maximise the number of interested and motivated students, who are truly engaged in learning.

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This course gives participants fundamental knowledge on how people learn. Following the programme, participants will understand the essential elements of the human brain, memory, and learning, that are relevant in designing high-impact instruction and teaching.

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This course provides teachers with the tools necessary to implement future skills in their teaching practices, and helps them promote future skill development in their students.

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This course helps participants to understand what phenomenon-based learning is, and how to design projects based on around it.

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UniVisits are targeted to professionals in diverse fields wishing to learn state-of-the-art know-how in their own area. Based on the expertise of the eleven faculties of the University of Helsinki, we design customised programmes to meet the needs of each visit group.

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Our training approach acknowledges state-of-the-art research-based evidence in adult learning. Progress is based on the cumulative learning of individuals and organisations.

We believe in empowerment, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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