Schools all over the world are introducing future skill development and interdisciplinary projects in their national curricula. The intention is to build bridges across subject matter disciplines, and to help students solve complex problems and answer open-ended questions. This online programme provides teachers with the tools necessary to implement future skills in their teaching practices, and helps them promote future skill development in their students.

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The online programme consists of several learning methods, including:

  • Mini-lectures by professor Kirsti Lonka with specific learning objectives
  • Collaborative online participation among teachers
  • Personal reflection and learning diary entries
  • Designing new teaching practices and applying them with students in real life
  • Webinars, workshops, online tutoring, and training the local trainers (available at an additional cost)


The programme is designed for teachers and principals at all educational stages, and for anyone interested in knowing more about learning. The participant group can include e.g. teachers and principals from a single school, or selected teachers from a certain geographical or subject matter area. The elements of the programme can be tailored to meet the needs of the customer.

The duration of the course is about 10−12 weeks, if participants complete at least one learning module each week. The course can be composed of independent online studying or can include tutoring and webinars, as well as the assessment of participants’ learning diaries and assignments.


  • How to promote future skill development in your students and implement the skills in practice
  • How to evaluate the readiness of your school community to implement future skills
  • How to build a school community and learning environment that supports future skill development
  • How to use the “Road 21st Century Competencies Evaluation Framework” -toolbox to develop your school community


  • Improvement in students’ essential life skills (e.g. learning to learn, critical thinking skills, creativity, participation, selfregulation)
  • Enhancing cooperation among teachers as a team and helping them to take responsibility of their own learning as life-long learners
  • Introducing a framework for the management of the school development process


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