HY+ Continues Collaboration in The Emirate of Sharjah – Early Childhood Education Programme Aims for Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Sharjah Education Academy (SEA) has launched a new implementation of the Early Childhood Education Certification (ECEC) programme, with content development led by the University of Helsinki HY+ and experts form the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The programme targets early childhood educators, leaders, and teaching assistants in the Emirate of Sharjah.

The ECEC programme is grounded in the latest research in early childhood pedagogy. The pedagogical content has been designed by experts from the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Educational Sciences, with the learning material customised to address the educational needs of the United Arab Emirates.

Commenced earlier this year, the programme aims to deepen the understanding of the latest research-based early childhood learning methods among education personnel in the Emirate of Sharjah. The programme’s content is tailored for three distinct groups: early childhood educators, leaders, and teaching assistants.

The programme’s long-term objective is to foster multidisciplinary collaboration among early childhood education professionals and develop high-quality learning methodologies in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, the program seeks to establish professional learning communities among various stakeholders in early childhood education.

Acknowledging the significant impact of early childhood years on a child’s learning, development, and future, the programme also aims to underline the societal significance of high-quality early childhood education.

The six-month ECEC programme is offered in both Arabic and English through a hybrid learning model, encompassing in-person instruction, self-paced study, and online learning. The inaugural run of the programme saw the participation of 27 early childhood education leaders, 82 educators, and 60 teaching assistants. The upcoming iteration will involve nearly 300 participants.

Since 2020, HY+ has collaborated with SEA in developing educational programmes. In addition to online courses, HY+ and experts from the University of Helsinki have been involved in the development of the Post Graduate Diploma programme and a Master’s degree programme in education, as well as the ECEC programme, in Sharjah.


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Minna Saadé, Lead Expert
University of Helsinki HY+
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