Developing an In-Service Training Strategy for Secondary School Teachers in Mozambique

The University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ is part of a project to develop an in-service training strategy for secondary school teachers in Mozambique. The Government of Mozambique received a grant from the French Development Agency (AFD), and HY+ was selected to offer technical support and expertise for the project.

The Government of Mozambique and the Ministry of Education and Human Development (MINEDH) aim to strengthen the know-how of secondary school teachers in different subjects. The objective is to define and experiment with a continuous training strategy to meet the needs of the Mozambican education system.

The project aims also to establish a sustainable framework and practices to progressively strengthen the quality of teaching, and to involve secondary school teachers in a career-long training process. HY+ will support MINEDH and the National Directorate of Teacher Training (DNFP) in the project.

“Finland has been supporting the education sector in Mozambique through development cooperation for a long time. It is excellent that the Finnish expertise in this field can now be put into practice also through educational exports. Improving the skills of teachers is one of the keys to better education in Mozambique,” says Anna-Kaisa Heikkinen, Ambassador of Finland in Mozambique.

The project will start in July 2022 and will last altogether three years. To build a long-lasting in-service training strategy for Mozambique, the first part of the development process includes analysing teacher’s current know-how and needs for in-service training and professional development.

The project also includes benchmarking international practices in creating similar continuous training strategies. During the project, a group of educational experts from Mozambique will also visit Finland to get acquainted with Finnish in-service teacher training.

The aim is to develop training for teachers in different subjects, which is why HY+ has gathered international teacher training specialists from a variety of different fields. The University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Educational Sciences in Finland, and the Universidade Pedagógica de Maputo in Mozambique will offer their expertise for the project.

“The Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki considers cooperation with Mozambique to be very important”, says Vice Dean of International affairs, Professor Arto Kallioniemi. “When we visited Mozambique a few years ago, we met people who were very enthusiastic about teaching. It is a great honour and pleasure to be involved in the development of teacher education together with local actors. We hope that the cooperation will benefit both countries, and we will be happy to share experiences, that will enable us to respond to the global learning crisis. Our cooperation will align with the University of Helsinki’s Africa programme.”

Dr. Abel Fernandes de Assis, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Human Development (MINEDH), and Mr. Kimmo Kärpijoki, CEO of the University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+

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