New Finnish Online Programmes for Teacher Training

The University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ Ltd. has launched two new online programmes for teacher training purposes. These new online solutions answer to the high demand for Finnish educational expertise.

Due to the new online programmes, participants will not have to travel to Finland in order to undergo the training, which makes the programmes more accessible on a global scale. They also make the training more cost-effective for larger groups, as the need to travel decreases.

Professional Training for Teachers All Over the World

The Finnish education system is known for its success, and a big part of this success is well-educated teachers. The University of Helsinki Faculty of Educational Sciences is highly esteemed, both in Finland and internationally, due to its top-quality teacher education.

HY+ is now offering the opportunity for teachers all over the world to participate in high-quality training even more effortlessly than before. It is launching two new online programmes, one for all subject teachers and one for early childhood and primary teachers, to enhance the STEM education of young children.

The STEM Education for Early Childhood and Primary Teachers programme is designed by top-level education experts from the University of Helsinki, such as Jenni Vartiainen (PhD), who is a forerunner in science education for children.

‒ It is extremely important to start teaching science already in early childhood education. Children have a huge natural urge and ability to explore and wonder at the phenomena of the surrounding world. It is useful to encourage this inclination, so that the curious and searching nature of learning will last for a lifetime. In the new online programme, we concentrate on supporting this natural enthusiasm and empowering children as active and participative builders of knowledge, Ms. Vartiainen explains.

The study material is designed to teach the teachers in the same manner that children are taught in Finnish schools: through progressive inquiry and creative knowledge building.

In addition to the programme for early childhood and primary teachers, HY+ is also launching the Star Lessons programme, which is a collection of self-study online lessons for teachers, aimed at their professional development at all levels.

The new online programmes are easily localized, and are designed to be meaningful for teachers. This makes the process of self-studying more enjoyable and effortless, and helps the teachers to enhance their own teaching practices more efficiently.


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