HY+ collaborates in the Ukrainian school reform project

A new four-year project, Finland’s Support to the Ukrainian School Reform has been launched by FCG International. The project is implemented in partnership with University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ and University of Helsinki Faculty of Educational Sciences. The project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The project supports a national secondary school reform “New Ukrainian School”, which was introduced in a high-level conference opened by the president Petro Porošenko on 21 August 2018. The Finnish team of experts from FCG International and University of Helsinki were introduced to the Ukrainian stakeholders at the conference.

First Steering Committee assembled on 22 August, chaired by the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ms Liliia Hrynevych. “The Finnish Programme has been a long-waited initiative. There is a strong political will to support the programme”, minister comments.

Minister of Education and Science Ms Liliia Hrynevych
Minister of Education and Science Ms Liliia Hrynevych (in the middle) at the the first Steering Committee meeting

The Finnish expert team is led by Chief Technical Advisor Mr Arto Vaahtokari, Senior Lecturer from the University of Helsinki Teacher Training School. “Developing of the education system of one of the biggest countries in Europe is interesting and challenging task. I have been delighted to see how committed Ukrainian colleagues are to reform school system of the country”, Mr Vaahtokari describes his impressions after working in Ukraine one and half months.

The project aims to improve quality of education and citizens’ perception of Ukrainian education. This will be achieved through three clusters:

  • Cluster 1: Teacher Preparation – preparing primary level teachers for the new competence-based curriculum
  • Cluster 2: Education Promotion – raising awareness of the education reform and changing perception of education
  • Cluster 3: Education Environment – development of learning materials, focusing on digital learning materials

Official Kick-Off Conference of the project will be organized after the completion of the Inception Phase in the beginning of the year 2019.


Arto Vaahtokari
Chief Technical Adviser Mr Arto Vaahtokari in a panel discussion


Further information

University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+: Riikka Hälikkä, riikka.halikka@helsinki.fi, +358 50 376 8408

FCG International: Antti Karttunen, antti.karttunen@fcg.fi, +358 45 624 6788

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