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Global megatrends of urbanisation and environmental crisis challenge our cities. According to UN, by 2050 over 70% of global population will live in urban areas. At the same time it is estimated that cities account for 80% of global greenhouse emissions. Depending on the context, cities face also other kinds of sustainability challenges such as social unrest and segregation. These facts suggest that cities are in key role in improving sustainable development. This can be done by creating resilient and sustainable solutions and adopting sustainable practices and patterns.

The capital of Finland and its neighbouring cities form a dynamic and efficient urban area that has a lot to offer concerning urban sustainability. The Helsinki metropolitan area is well-known for its lively culture, attractive green areas as well as active innovation scheme and public-private cooperation. Helsinki is ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world (The global Liveability Ranking) and has the best environmental governance among European cities (European Green City Index). Moreover Finland has the best air quality (WHO 2018) and the happiest people (UN 2018) in the world.

What Do We Offer?

Our Urban Visit concept showcases the best practices of the Helsinki metropolitan area. During the visit you will learn from leading experts about the latest research and new solutions . You will have an opportunity to hear how cities are dealing with e.g. climate change and what kind of practical solutions are being invented. The visits will also present university education related to sustainable cities as well as good governance practices such as citizen participation and engagement.

Urban Visit allows you to network with Finnish cities, companies, universities and other organisations and build new cooperation networks. You will get concrete ideas to further develop urban sustainability in your own context.

For Groups

The visits are intended for researchers, professionals, administrators, students and all others interested in urban sustainability. The customized programmes are for groups of 10 people or more and they are planned based on the group’s specific needs and interests.

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Please use the Service Order Request form below to start the planning process of your group’s educational visit to Finland. Should you have other questions regarding our services, please use the regular contact form or send us e-mail: univisits-uh@helsinki.fi.

Welcome to explore the sustainable solutions of Helsinki metropolitan area!

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