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The fields of our Professional Comptence Development programmes reflect all academic fields of the University of Helsinki and the multifaceted needs in the current working life. The eleven high standard faculties of the University of Helsinki form a solid basis for providing education for diverse fields and types of organisations. Our programmes boost the performance of any organisation: big or small, public or private.

Our professional competence development and capacity building programmes seek to build and support change in the knowledge, skills and behavior of professionals in diverse fields. All programme activities aim at supporting professional growth and understanding of change on a personal and organizational level.

As a world-class university, the University of Helsinki is experienced in enhancing university teachers’ and researchers’ academic skills. Based on this experience and solid research, we offer Higher Education institutions evidence-based courses and consultation in diverse academic skills, e.g., teaching skills, scientific writing, and teaching through English. The Centre for University Teaching and Learning at the University of Helsinki is an internationally recognized unit. The Centre fosters research on learning and teaching in higher education, and it also improves university teachers’ skills and understanding of the factors of successful studying and high quality teaching.

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Diploma in Innovation in Education Programme

August, 2017

This programme explores the concepts of innovation and leading change in schools. Participants will learn about the 21st century way-of-learning while adopting an experimental culture in managing and running educational facilities. The programme will evolve around multicultural teams who will work with current challenges related to education utilizing various strategic methods and techniques such as design thinking, lean entrepreneurship, leadership, and creative approaches to learning.

Innovation in Education is designed for pedagogical leaders and stakeholders who are involved in K-12 education and preschools. It is recommended for:

  • Principals and Deans
  • School owners and administrators
  • Teachers
  • Policy makers and directors in governmental bodies
  • Executives in NGOs

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