Our Global Services are a state-of-the-art answer to educational challenges. We design solutions for governments, international organisations, companies, universities, school districts, and schools – in other words we help any organisation that is keen on developing its functions through education. Our multidiciplined services range from big educational reforms and organisational development programmes to individualy delivered professional competence development. Professionals looking for new ideas are also served through our UniVisit service that offers state-of-the-art knowhow in various professions and fields.


Education Reforms

Our reform projects are designed to cover all levels of education – from Early Childhood Education to University or College levels.

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University of Helsinki Students


More information of our EMBA program is coming soon.

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Organisational Development Programmes

Our experts help organisations find the best working solutions to their challenges through learning and education.

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Finnish education


Come visit us in Helsinki, Finland. Would you like to learn directly from experts in teacher education?

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Start up

Professional Competence Development

Our professional competence development and capacity building programmes seek to build and support change in the knowledge, skills and behavior of professionals in diverse fields.

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