Hi! Starting in January 2017 I was extremely delighted to start working as a Business Area Director in University of Helsinki HY+. I am honored to work in an organization that helps individuals and organizations to learn and develop towards new potential.

During the times when you change between jobs, you think all kinds of things. One of the key elements in every job seems to be the fact that there will be interaction between people. Daily, we all meet people in the office, in coffee breaks, and social media. We can all decide how we interact when we meet each other. Are you respectful, empowering, and helpful? If yes, I believe that you are on the right track.

The simpliest way to make the day better for you and your colleagues is to smile. Have you tried it? It works, and the good thing is that you will never run out of this resource. 🙂

Please see my video greetings from the sunny view from our offices. Have a great day and keep on smiling!

Ilkka Kurkela, HY+


HY+ henkilökunta

Did you know that University of Helsinki ranks in the top 100 Universities globally. That makes me a very proud Finn 🙂 I am happy to share any ideas regarding education and learning with you, do not hesitate to contact.