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Our Approach

Our training approach acknowledges state-of-the-art research-based evidence in adult learning. Progress is based on the cumulative learning of individuals and organisations. We have a strong focus on a committed learning process, and this commitment is actively built through collaboration and co-creation.

Although based on solid research, our training programmes are designed to serve practice. Theory is put into practice by actively finding connections and applying the learned content into the participants’ own working environment.

Our students are high-level experts that are looking for deeper understanding in their course domains. Knowledge sharing and reflective practices are in the core of our approach as they allow our participants to find the best solutions to their own particular challenges through a working combination of active interaction and self-reflection.

We believe in empowerment, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

University of Helsinki Ranking

International rankings consistently place the University of Helsinki amongst the 20 best universities in Europe and within the top 100 universities in the world. The main strength of the University of Helsinki is considered to be scientific research and teaching. All teachers are researchers and all researchers teach.

In 2016, the University of Helsinki was ranked in 56th position in the Shanghai Ranking and the 91st position in both the Times Higher Education World University Ranking as well as the QS World University Ranking. We belong to the exclusive club of top 1% research universities in the world.


The University of Helsinki is among the leading multidisciplinary research universities in the world, and it has a high profile in the forefront of research and doctoral education. As the founding member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), the University promotes science and research together with Europe’s top research-intensive universities.

The University of Helsinki is aiming at building a better, more sustainable world by involving itself actively in the resolution of global problems. Multidisciplinary research, teaching, and learning of a high standard generate new knowledge and know-how for the benefit of humankind.

The high-quality research carried out by the University creates new knowledge for educating diverse specialists in various fields, and for utilization in social decision-making and the business sector.

Who We Are

Jan-Markus Holm

Dr. Jan-Markus Holm
Director, Head of Transnational Operations
tel. +358 50 318 3449

Kirsi Kettula

Dr. Kirsi Kettula
Head of Transnational Education
tel. +358 50 317 5573

Riina Johansson

Riina Johansson
Development Expert, Head of Univisit Operations
tel. +358 50 547 6505

Anna Rantapero-Laine
Director, Head of Open Education Programmes
tel. +358 50 448 0652

Pirjo Silfversten

Pirjo Silfversten
Head of Transnational Back-office Support
tel. +358 40 520 1270

Johanna Lipponen

Johanna Lipponen
Director, Head of Sales
tel. +358 400 613 540

Ilkka Kurkela

Ilkka Kurkela
Director, Head of Customised Education Programmes
tel. +358 50 318 9823

Dr. Arja Haapakorpi
Head of Transnational Evaluation
tel. +358 50 415 0548

Päivi Virtanen
Development Manager
tel. +358 50 388 0685

Anja Loikkanen
Development Coordinator, Invoicing
tel. +358 50 588 0754

Minna Saadé
International Business Coordinator
tel. +358 50 311 5814

Marja Juhola
Senior Expert
tel. +358 50 311 6608

Dr. Marjaana Suutarinen
CEO, Centre for Continuing Education HY+
tel. +358 50 448 8788

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