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University of Helsinki was established in 1640. Since then the University of Helsinki has become one of world’s leading multidisciplinary universities with a solid international reputation on high quality teaching, research, and innovation.

We believe that the University of Helsinki has a duty to carry out research and share our knowledge for the benefit of the world. Read more about us, and join us to make a better tomorrow!

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University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+

University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ was established in June 2016. Despite of our seemingly short history, as a fully owned company by University of Helsinki, we have been providing continuing education and development services for both organizations and individuals in Finland and abroad for decades. We have an evidence based track record in creating individually designed training programs, and managing various development programs to enhance the capabilities and competences of our partnering organizations. One of our missions is to encourage life-long learning as a habit for securing your future in the changing world.

The purpose of our organization is to improve the future world and well-being of people through enhancing learning, knowledge sharing, and development. We believe in collaboration and empowerment and therefore focus on building trust with our collaboration partners and organisations while we help them to develop. Our role in development programs is to assist our collaboration partners to learn and take ownership of our joint project. By doing so, we ensure that the jointly drafted plans and ways of working will be implemented and the development continues.

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Introduction of University of Helsinki

University of Helsinki is within the top 1% of the research universities in the world. As the only university in Finland, the University of Helsinki consistently ranks within the top 100 universities of international university rankings and within the top 20 of the universities in Europe.

The University of Helsinki has 11 faculties and staff of 7.950 people. Approximately half the staff are women. As a research-focused university all our researchers teach and teachers research. In 2016, the University of Helsinki had total of 32.500 degree students, as well as 25.000 students in open and continuing education programs. More than half of our students are women.

The University of Helsinki believes in knowledge sharing and international collaboration.

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